Photo Booth Details


Boom Boom Photo Booths are all about having fun.  Grab some friends, hop in the booth and just be goofy!  Once inside, guests see themselves live on the full-sized monitor.  Pressing the start button begins the countdown to the first photo.  After four photos, guests get their prints in under twenty seconds.  They are professional quality, water-proof prints that look great and last forever.


When you rent a photo booth from Boom Boom Photo Booth, we show up an hour early to set up and get ready.  A friendly attendant will remain with the booth, checking the equipment and making sure everything works flawlessly.


We put our focus on equipment.  Our DSLR camera and large lighting softbox ensure great photos at every event.  Our dye sublimation printer delivers instant drying, smudge free prints in under 20 seconds.


Good lighting is the first step to great photos.  Our portrait studio lighting delivers quality photos every time.


Our booth is equipped with a DSLR Camera.  This means that your photos and any reprints, even at larger sizes, will be high quality.


With a single press of the button the count down begins.


We use a dye sublimation printer.  Fancy words to say that this is the same type of printer that big box photography studios and one-hour printing services use.  Our photos are printed in under 20 seconds.  They are instant drying, smudge free, waterproof and will last for years if not decades to come.


The booth is 4ft wide by 7ft long and 7ft tall.  You can squeeze a large group of people into one photo.  Ideal for school proms and big parties.